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Commissions ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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Process & Pricing

Looking for character art? Let's get started!

Process; How does this work?

  1. Visit the Terms of Service page. If the process is a good fit for you, go ahead and fill out a Commissions Form below.

  2. Check your inbox for a message that includes a price and timeline estimate. Reply with a confirmation to receive an invoice within 1-2 days.

  3. Send payment, and production on your character art will begin! 

Pricing; How much does this cost?

Below are descriptions for art style and commission type. As a rule of thumb, commissions will cost (in USD):

  • Lines: Bust $20, Half Body $30, Full Body $40

  • Flat Colour: Bust $40, Half Body $50, Full Body $60

  • Painted: Bust $60, Half Body $80, Full Body $100

Prices are subject to change based on complexity of props, backgrounds and additional details.

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A. Lines

This style consists of line art only, and is available on a white or transparent background.

1. Bust

The bust includes the upper part of the character, showing a character's head and shoulders.

B. Flat Colour

Flat colour characters are created with a cel shaded look; has a TV animation or comic book feel.

2. Half Body

The half body begins from the waist up. Including hands or props are optional, and may influence the commission price.

C. Painted

The painted style involves a more detailed amount of material rendering using both hard edges and soft blending.

3. Full Body

The full body is the entire body! Including props is optional, and may influence the commission price.

Commissions: Services

Commissions Form

Please read the Terms of Service before filling out a Commissions Form. After submitting, you should hear back within 1-2 days.


Thanks for submitting!

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